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3G 4G Wireless Control LED Display

From: Date:2020-07-02

3G 4G Wireless Control LED Display

With the technology development, more and more customers begin to pursuit using wireless control system to control the LED Display. Now QNICE can offer the following 3G wireless control system to realize this function and meet customer’s requirements:

Control System Introduction:


+12V Power   Supply

Voltage Input  

Audio Output

Output the   program audio

100MB LAN   Port

Network   communication Port



HD Output   Port


Run indicator  

Working   status


Reset key

Reset the   controller to be factory settings


SD Card Slot

Save Program,   update for the controller, update Program


USB Port

Save Program,   update for the controller, update Program


Test Key



Alarm   indicator

Working   status


Multi-functional   board Port

Connect with   Sensors of Temp./Humidity/Noise/Brightness/Smoke


1000MB LAN   Port

Connect with   receiving cards to transmit the data



All of the LED Media Player, Main Control Card and Receiving Card will install inside the LED Display. Then the operator can just be at home or at office to control the LED Display without any distance limitation.


Features of the 3G Wireless control system:

1.Support WEB Server to control screens; 
displaying temperature and humidity, smoke, auto brightness adjustment and use infrared remote to change program


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