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Qnice LED Display Can Save More than 50% Energy than Normal Design

From: Date:2020-07-02

Qnice LED Display Can Save More than 50% Energy than Normal Design

The following introduce how we can manage to save more than 50% energy than normal design:

1) Using super high luminous LED lamps, to save 30%. 
Unique feature of the super high luminous lamps is more brilliant and less power dissipation. For instance, when lamps working under the same condition of high illumination, forward current running in the common sort of lamps is
16 mA, but for super high luminous lamps that we use, it is just 10 mA, the point is to save 30% power consumption in this item.

2) Using the power boxes with PFC, to save 15%.
In fact, when it transfers AC into DC, the efficiency is high up to 85%. Some other power boxes extensive used without the function of PFC, the transferring efficiency is just close to 60%~70%. The difference turns to be 15% power consumption.

3) Adopting to multiple controlling technique, to save 5% ~8%
We use temperature control, brightness control, drive control, etc, to make our LED displays adaptive and environment-friendly. The methods can save the power consumption in the range of 5% to 8%. The capacity of adaptation hints not only saving power consumption, but also more convenient and more environmental protection.

The words above conclude that contrast to traditional solution, super high luminous LED lamps(30%) + power boxes with PFC(15%) + multiple controlling methods(5%~8%)  ≥ 50% of power consumption

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