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Differences of VR AR MR XR Virtual Reality Technologies

From: Date:2022-10-20

Emerging technologies are developing faster and faster, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR). What do these abbreviations mean? Similar technologies are used for the above. For example, 3D and AI are required. What are the concepts and definitions of these technologies?


Virtual Reality VR


Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience, also known as computer simulation reality. Specifically, it refers to a technology that generates sounds, images and other media that the human body can feel through headsets, through which a virtual world can be copied or created. Virtual reality allows users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world. The real VR environment should involve all five senses (taste, vision, smell, touch, and sound), but it must be said that (perfect realization) is very difficult.


It can be said that VR is now a popular technology. In addition, after years of exploration in the game industry, this technology can be applied to more practical fields. The market is optimistic about VR technology and its development.


Augmented Reality AR


Augmented reality (AR) refers to a real-time, direct or indirect view of the physical reality environment that enhances (or supplements) elements in its view through computer-generated sensory inputs (such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data). Since AR is based on the real world (and is stronger than the real world), it offers a lot of possibilities. Reality based AR enhances reality with certain devices. Mobile phones and tablets are the most popular AR devices at present. Through the device camera, applications can import (virtual) digital content into the real environment. At the same time, popular AR devices also have headwear devices. Popular AR applications such as "Pokemon Go" and "AR bitmojis" of Snapchat.


VR and AR


VR needs to use an opaque headgear to complete the immersion experience in the virtual world. What you see is a 100% virtual world, while AR needs a clear headgear to see the real world and the information and images superimposed on it. With the real world entities as the main body, it helps consumers better explore the real world and deliver with the help of digital technology.


To put it bluntly, VR displays false images, while AR displays half true images and half false images.


Mixed Reality MR


Hybrid reality (MR), also known as hybrid reality, refers to a new visual environment generated by the integration of real and virtual worlds, in which real entities and data entities coexist and interact in real time. That is to say, "images" are put into real space, and these "images" can interact with familiar objects to a certain extent. The key feature of MR is that synthetic objects and real objects can interact in real time.


Extended Reality XR


Extended Reality (XR) is a term that few people know at present. Extended reality refers to a real and virtual combined and human-computer interactive environment generated by computer technology and wearable devices. Extended reality includes augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and other forms. In other words, to avoid conceptual confusion, XR is a general term, including AR, VR and MR. XR is divided into multiple levels, ranging from virtual worlds with limited sensor inputs to fully immersive virtual worlds.


VR can immerse people in the virtual environment; AR can create a world superimposed on virtual content, but cannot interact with the real environment; MR is a mixture of virtual and reality, which can create virtual objects that can interact with the real environment. Finally, XR is a term that includes three kinds of "reality" (AR, VR, MR). We look forward to seeing more powerful XR in the future.


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