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What are the safety precautions for LED display screen to use electricity safely

From: www.qniceled.comDate:2022-09-29

With the development of led display, it is used in more and more fields. It is very important to correctly master the knowledge of safe electricity use and ensure the safety of electricity use.


1. Do not buy fake and inferior products with "three no's".


2. There shall be complete and reliable power cord plug when using electricity. The electrical equipment with metal shell shall be protected by grounding.


3. Do not pull or connect wires without permission, and do not move live equipment at will.

4. Do not touch the live equipment with wet hands, and do not wipe the live equipment with wet cloth.


5. It is not allowed to install fuses and switches on the neutral wire and ground wire.


6. It is prohibited to connect the grounding wire to the gas pipeline and tap water.


7. When the power cord of the electrical appliance is damaged, it should be replaced immediately or wrapped with insulating cloth.


8. When checking and repairing the electrical appliances on the display screen, the power must be disconnected first.


9. In case of fire in electrical appliances or wires, disconnect the power supply before putting out the fire.


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