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Roof-Top Support LED Display

Roof-top Advertising LED Display

Roof-top Advertising LED Display is mainly suitable for outdoor led display, the installation site is mainly on the roof of the building, with the increase of the building height, also need to considering along with the increase of the wind level.

Features of Roof-top Advertising LED Display:

1)    Special design LED Cabinets with features of waterproof IP65, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-UV, can be directly installed for outdoor use, suitable for all weather.

2)    High brightness to ensure clear pictures even in the sunshine.

3)    Wide Viewing angle to cover larger view range and attract more attention from passersby.

4)    Low power consumption, energy saving and save operational electrical cost

5)    Uniform and stable pictures to keep outstanding performance

6)    Long life-span to maximize the benefits of customers for 8~10 years or even longer life-span.

7)    Transmission distance can be lengthened by optical fiber

8)    Remote control can be realized. Wifi and 3G control system can be applied for advertising.



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