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How to choose LED Screen and LCD Screen for Conference Room ?

From: www.qniceled.comDate:2023-04-13

How to choose LED Screen or LCD Screen for conference room use? What is the difference between LCD screen and LED Screen? How should we choose between the two?

Conference all-in-one screen generally refers to a comprehensive conference terminal product that integrates various functions such as online office, remote teaching, remote medical treatment, video conference, remote control, whiteboard writing, intelligent screen projection, etc.


There are two main types of conference all-in-one screens: All-in-one LED Screen and All-in-one LCD screen. The selection of conference all-in-one screens can generally be matched according to the usage scenario, and different spaces are suitable for different sizes of conference all-in-one screens. Currently, the mainstream choice in the industry is generally LCD conference all-in-one screen less than 100inch, and LED conference all-in-one screen above 100 inch.

The specific details of selecting different sizes of conference all-in-one screens for different scenarios are as follows:

1. Negotiation room and manager's office, with a meeting room area of less than 15 square meters, can choose the 65 inch LCD Screen;

2.Small conference room&discussion room, with a meeting room area of 25  -50 , can choose the 86 inch LCD Screen;

3. Standard conference room&small and medium-sized training room, with a conference room area of 30- 80, can choose QNICELED 108 inch LED Screen;

4. Large conference room and training room, with a conference room area of 100- 250 , can choose QNICELED 136inch LED Screen;

5. A super large conference room with a conference room area of over 250, can choose QNICELED 163 inches or larger LED Screen.

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