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How to choose Smart All-in-one LED TV Screen ?

From: www.qniceled.comDate:2022-08-31

With the development of smart cities and the improvement of people's living standards, the traditional meeting scene - the pain point of "can't see, can't keep up, can't remember", can no longer meet the needs of the development of modern conferences. Recently, a hot conference office artifact, the smart conference all-in-one LED TV Screen, has been launched on the market, enabling a new experience of smart office. Compared with traditional conference display equipment, where is it "new"?


Integrated design, worry-free office.


In order to create a convenient and comfortable meeting and office environment and fully meet the actual demands of customers, this all-in-one LED TV Screen integrates practical functions such as high-definition display, split screen, screen projection application, and interaction, and is easy to install and maintain, free stand and movable, which greatly improves office efficiency.


Choose your favorite all-in-one LED TV Screen according to the size of the space


Due to the different size of the meeting space, many customers do not know how to choose an all-in-one LED TV Screen. According to the size of the space, you can choose an all-in-one LED TV Screen of exclusive size.


For large scenes of more than 50 square meters, there is always the one that suits you.


60space size Recommended style: 108inches LED TV Screen (recommended number of participants: 20~50 people)

90space size Recommended style: 136inches LED TV Screen (recommended number of participants: 40~70 people)

120space size Recommended style: 163inches LED TV Screen (recommended number of participants: 60~90 people)

150space size Recommended style: 216inches LED TV Screen (recommended number of participants: 80~120 people)

The QNICELED Smart Conference Office LED TV Screen is suitable for multiple office smart scenarios: whether it is a medium-to-large conference report, a large-scale speech, or a corporate receptionist, etc. The new business model is developed through the carrier of the LED display screen, so that the conference mode is fully activated and connected with more conference spaces. No matter where you use it, this is a veritable conference office tool.


Written by ShenZhen QNICE LED CO.,LTD, Professional LED Display Screen Manufacturer Factory in ShenZhen China. Contact email: info@qniceled.com or sales@qniceled.com

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